Newsletter #7

Even though we usually expect the summertime to be a bit slower, we are sure that this is not going to be the case this year, with more and more developments and projects starting to take shape, and some interesting new investors looking to enter the market. We ourselves have been getting increasingly busier, with some of our ongoing projects really starting to move forward and some interesting new pieces of business on the horizon.

Despite the weight of work, I am making sure to find time to carry out some business development on the golf course! Of course that is no hardship, since golf is one of my main passions, and what is particularly exciting for us at GK is that this year we are one of the sponsors of the Development Tour, which is sure to open the door to many new and interesting members of the real estate set.

I hope to meet some of you out on the greens some time soon!

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An equation of many unknowns

Reconstructions surely belong to some of the most difficult building activities, as the condition of the house is always a bit unknown when the work is started. For this reason, reconstructions should always be preceded by careful preparation which includes, for example, a building survey and a static assessment of the house.

During the reconstruction of this two-storey house, Cembrit granite/pearl fibre cladding facade panels and the Siberian larch wood ‚Rhombus‘, complemented by yellow acrylic paint, was used on the facade in addition to a contact white plaster insulation system. The roofing is also fibre cement – Cembrit, English rectangle‘. Authors of the project were GeddesKaňka (Ing. arch. Tomáš Kaňka and Ing. arch. Vladimír Uzel).

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GeddesKaňka s.r.o. has been appointed as the lead architect on a new and challenging project – the reconstruction of a large historical building in Plzeň.

The investor, together with the GeddesKaňka architectural team, plans to remodel the residential building in Čelakovského street in Plzeň, which is located right next to the historical centre, in order to meet with all of the current requirements for up-market residential dwellings. The overall aim of the investment is to provide a high-profile historical development that includes 14 or 15 apartments, out of which 3 will be duplex apartments in the newly adapted attic space. Parking places will be constructed inside and outside the building itself.

The project is currently in the planning preparation stage, and its implementation is planned for 2018-2019.

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Newsletter #6

This year is a very special one for GeddesKaňka as it marks its 10th year on the Czech market. It is hard to believe that we have been going for so long as the time seems to have flown by, but, having said that, I believe that we have managed to achieve a great deal!

In our early days, we inevitably focused on the development of shopping centres as it was our work on the Olympia Shopping Centre that acted as the catalyst for opening our office in the first place, but since then the GeddesKaňka team and its portfolio have grown and developed significantly. In the past couple of years, in particular, having moved into our present offices in Tomkova street, Prague, in 2015, GeddesKaňka has been able to offer a full service practice that covers architecture, urbanism, interiors and development. We know that our customers appreciate our ability to manage their complete projects ourselves, and our plan is to continue to build on this strategy, not just during the course of this year, but hopefully many more to come!

There have, of course, been many highlights along the way, but overall I think we are most proud of our ability to work for both international developers with large scale projects and local individuals. The biggest project that we are working on just now is, of course, the Zlaty Lihovar residential development in Smichov, which we have been involved in from the start and for which we have just finalised and handed over the documentation for the planning procedure to the investor. Whilst, on the local individual side of things, our Hloubetin villa is soon to be finished and you can find out more below.

What we have achieved has definitely exceeded our expectations from 10 years ago, when I and Clark Geddes opened the Geddes Architects‘ Prague office (in 2015 renamed GeddesKaňka), and as a celebration of this, we plan a number of activities to mark our first ten years; we hope to see many of you at one or other of them!

In the meantime, you can read more about the team of GeddesKanka and its projects, as well as hear news from the London office below. For sure, though, like most of you, we are looking forward to the better weather and the easier working conditions!

Enjoy the beginnings of Spring!

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